Video Check Out: Corey Huber

Age: 24
Home: Waynesboro, Pennsylvania
Sponsors: Expedition One (flow), etnies (flow), Pitcrew skate shop

Best trend in skating: Not giving a shit.
Bad habit: Nail biting.
Words of wisdom: Do what you like and don’t let anyone get in your way.
Who hooked you up: Bradley Rosado and the Pitcrew207 family.
Next contest: Probably Tampa Am
Food spot: Cookout!
Best style: Chris Wimer.
Am who should be pro: Miles Silvas.

A gentle giant discreetly chomping at the bit of any skate spot he’s brought his board to, Corey is not so much the future as he is the presenthere to stay and help define the path of skateboarding East Coast and beyond.Cairo Foster

Corey Huber, frontside bluntslide.

Corey Huber, frontside bluntslide. Photo: BARTON

Filmed/edited by Ricki Bedenbaugh. Additional filming: Carl Larson, John Note, Danny Ringenary, Mike Manzoori, John Evans