Video Check Out: Curt Daley

Sponsors: DGK (flow), Nike SB (flow), RAW, Concepts, Venture Trucks (flow)
Home: Needham, Massachusetts
Age: 23

Worst trend in skating: People not enjoying skating for what it is.
Favorite author: Mark Gonzales.
Road trip: NYC because it's close to home.
Bad habit: Smoking.
Words of wisdom: Skate because it's fun.
Idol outside of skating: My family.
Who hooked you up: Spungie at Concepts.
Thing to do before you die: Skate LOVE Park.

You can call Curt many things, but being gainfully employed is not one of them. Curt spends his days like he is a retired banker soaking up the rays on Palm Beach without a damn care in the world. His lazy approach to life is visible when he rides his skateboard—smooth, effortless, and enjoyable to watch. Curt is the future of New England skateboarding.—Dave Ashley

Video by Jason Jenkins Photo / TAKETOMO