Video Check Out: Daniel Cutcliffe

Age: 24
Home: Birmingham, Alabama
Sponsors: Foundation, C1rca, Pig wheels, Brixton, Faith Skate Supply
Last book read: Green Eggs and Ham.
Video part that gets you hyped: Heath Kirchart, Sight Unseen and Ben Gilley, Reason to Believe.
Am who should be pro: David Reyes.
Pet peeve: My pet peeve is the word pet peeve. Does that mean the worst place your pet could possibly pee?
New Year's Resolution: Play more guitar, make sure my socks are the same color every day, quit smoking.
Best video of 2015: Vans Propeller.
TV show you're hooked on: Game of Thrones.
Recommended iPhone app: Craigslist.

If skateboarding was a race, Daniel would have finished already and be on the sidelines cheering on his friends to the finish. He's been called Demon (short for Speed Demon) since he was 10 years old, always pushing harder than the older guys he grew up skating with. Street skating needs more speed and power and less ledge dancing. Daniel is bringing it!—Peter Karvonen

Follow Daniel on IG: @danielcutcliffe

Photo / @mikeygould Video / @money.mike Additional filming / @sulltrain @jordan_focker @alexwrightmn

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