Daniel DuBois
Age: 18
Home: Martinez, California
Sponsors: Foundation (flow), Osiris (flow), Ambig, OJ Wheels, Metro Skateshop

Am who should be pro: Forrest Edwards.
Trick you want to learn: Kickflip back overcrook.
TV show you're hooked on: Total Black Out.
Favorite TransWorld cover: Busenitz back noseblunt.
Video you're waiting for: Josh Matthews' part in PM25.
Good advice: If it were easy everyone would do it.
Pet peeve: Thinking of pet peeves.
Best skater to be stranded on an island with: Javan Campello.

Little Daniel has been punking me since he was 12 years old. And since then, I always knew he was gonna take me out and destroy everything in his path. He's 18 now, drives a Camaro, gets with hot babes, and he still punks me. The dude is living the dream and I’m hyped to see Fat Dan terrorizing the Bay Area.—Corey Duffel

Photo by Dave Chami