Age: 21
Home: Portland, Oregon
Sponsors: Vagrant skateboards, Independent trucks, Jivaro wheels, Vox footwear, Hard Luck Mfg, Dakine backpacks, Plague hardware, Shrunken Head skate shop

Am who should be pro: Chris Russell.
Video you can't wait to see: Stoked to see all the homies parts in the Vagrant video.
Recommended follow on Instagram: @skatediy.
Dream sponsor: Burritos.
Good advice: Skate faster.
Bad habit: Cigs.
Thing to do before you die: Skate the Northwest.
Next trip: AZ trip with Vox.

Frank Shaw is fucking rad! He’s one of those skaters who can go to a super gnarly spot, learn a trick first try, and not film it or care to show anybody. He humbly blows minds and pushes the limits with a rad '80s vibe. I’m always inspired when I skate with him.—Ben Raybourn

Follow Frank on Instagram: @frankshaw_

Video / ROBO Photo / RAY

Music / GBH, Diplomatic Immunity

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