Age: 23
Home: Shallotte, North Carolina
Sponsors: Z-Flex skatboards, Another skateshop

Am who should be pro: Wells Shaw.
First skate video you saw: Menikmati.
When you’re not skating, you’re: In real life.
Best style: Alec Chambers.
Best thing about your hometown: Brunswick County, North Carolina homies/family.
Advice from your team your manager: Keep skating and hit people up.
Pet peeve: Getting cheese on your food when you ask for no cheese.
Road trip essentials: Skateboard, phone, and some money.

Gary loves to skateboard and has a laid back personality. He’s seriously a true killa with a deep bag of tricks everywhere he rolls. From attacking a 21-stair rail to gettin’ tech gnar on a ledge to 540s at Washington Street, he’s got it all. Keep an eye out for him ’cause he’s on his way up.—Shuriken Shannon

Follow Gary on Instagram: @bolostime

Video / COVACH Additional filming: Wojahn, Shockus (R.I.P.), Miller

Photo / BLAIR

Music: White Rainbow, From Now On Let’s
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