Video Check Out: Ish Cepeda

Age: 20
Home: Palm Bay, Florida
Sponsors: Expedition One, DC Shoes and Apparel, Spitfire Wheels, Thunder Trucks, Official Headwear

Video you can’t wait to see: SB Chronicles 3.
Recommended reading: If You Give A Mouse A Cookie.
Last country visited: I’ve never left the U.S.
When you’re not skating, you’re: Kickin’ it with the homies at work.
Last concert: Future—#freebandz.
First pro you met: Paul Rodriguez.
Can’t live without: My fam and my homies.
Bad habit: Falling all the time skating.

Ish, aka Mr. Steal Your Gurl With His Style And Grace! He makes skating look so good and is a real solid dude on and off his board.—Matt Miller

Follow Ish on Instagram: @ishcepeda

Photo / @cameronstrand

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