Video Check Out: Jack Olson

Age: 18
Home: St. Louis Park, Minnesota
Sponsors: Real (flow), Osiris, Thunder trucks, Spitfire, 3rd Lair

Am who should be pro: Davis Torgerson.
Local shop that hooked you up: 3rd Lair
Best style: Wes Kremer.
Video part that get's you ready to skate: Lately Slash’s part in The Deathwish Video.
New music in your iPod: The new Kanye album that sucks.
Dream sponsor: Apple.
Celebrity crush: Jessica Alba.
Las lesson learned: That I need to save my money.

I thought Jack was goofy footed for like three months and I was like, "This dude f—king rips!" Then I realized he was regular—wow!—JT Aultz

Boardslide. Photo: STRAND

Filmed by Tim Fulton, additional filming Justice Ott