Age: 24
Home: Columbia, South Carolina
Sponsors: The Friendship Skateboards, Lakai (flow), Bluetile Skateshop, Keen Ramps, Rat Cheese Wax

Recommended reading: Five hours per week.
Am who should be pro: Chris Colbourn.
Fashion don't: Guy Harvey tanks.
Summer vacation: Paris.
Dream sponsor: Sam’s Club.
Pet peeve: Food smacking.
Next contest: Game of SKATE with anyone, anywhere. Call me.
First skate video you saw: Santa Cruz, Uprising.

John Hill is one of those guys that just hasn’t quite figured out how good he is yet. Always so hyped on everyone else’s skating that he doesn’t realize his own tricks are enough to melt your face and have your girlfriend run astray. Exercise caution when you head for a session with this one, he’s about to blow minds, melt faces and steal the heart out of every skater-fan girl. You’ve been warned. John Hill comes correct.—Micky Papa

Follow John on Instagram: @john249hill

Photo / ROMERO
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