Sponsors: DGK (flow), SUPRA (flow), Venture, Gold Wheels, 10.Deep, Diamond Supply Co., Rockstar Bearings, Galaxy Grip, Homage Brooklyn
Home: South Ozone Park, New York
Age: 24

Am who should be pro: Marquise Henry.
Best style: Josh Kalis.
Best new video part you've seen: Lucas Puig, Bon Voyage.
First pro you met: Rodney Torres.
Can't live without: Inca Kola.
Bad habit: Instagram.
Trick you want to learn: Frontside flips.
Words of advice: Always have fun with it.

Watching Joseph progress on the board throughout the years has been awesome. He's a super positive dude—on and off the board. Keep up the good work, cholo! Peru's finest, Queens represent.—Danny Falla

Filmed and edited: Thom Musso. Additional filming: Evan Walsh, Dennis Williford, Daniel Peralta, Diego Rodriguez, Justin Whitey