Video Check Out: Josh Murphy

Josh Murphy is one of the most respectful, generous, and responsible people I know. He enforces rule number one in life, which is don’t let what anyone thinks or says about you interfere with what you do and what you love.—David Reyes

Video by Chris Thiessen

Age: 22
Home: Denver, Colorado
Sponsors: Mystery (flow), Converse (flow), Comune, Spitfire, Thunder, Bro Style, Ashbury, The Denver Shop

Favorite city: Denver, Colorado.
Video you can't wait to see: The next Bro Style commercial.
Album on repeat: Graceland by Paul Simon.
First setup: Muska silhouette graphic with some Spitfires.
Trick you need to learn: Backside 360s.
Favorite photographer: Oliver Barton is pretty pinnacle.
Favorite filmer: Chris Thiessen.