Coming out of Sydney, Australia, here’s Josh Pall’s Video Check Out to back up his Check Out in our December 2012 International Issue.

If there’s an obstacle in the way, he’ll overcome it. When a shirt needs to be printed, he’ll screen it. The day the code needs to be cracked, he’ll crack it. And God dammit, when a spot needs to be skated, he’ll destroy it. He’s Josh Pall!—Dylan Rieder

Home: Sydney, Australia
Age: 23
Sponsors: Pass Port, Supply Store, Modus, sml Wheels

Favorite city: NYC.
Dream destination: Rome.
Can’t live without: Good times.
Am who should be pro: Brad Cromer.
Album on repeat: Figure 8.
First pro you met: Josh Kasper.
Who hooked you up: Mom.
I spend too much money on: Traveling.

Filmed by Leigh Bolton, Chris Middlebrook, Glenn Wignall, Tim Cisilino, and Young Vo. Edited by Carson Lee. Photos by Dave Chami