Video Check Out: Kevin Lowry

Kevin has recently finished a three-and-a-half minute video, which is just the start of his future success. Watching his part this morning I also remembered that he is having a full part in the upcoming Grey video, which I have had the pleasure of previewing earlier this month. This just goes to show how much drive and ability Kevin has.—Nick Jensen

Age: 24
Home: Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Sponsors: adidas, Wesc, Venture, Spitfire
New Year's Resolution: Less coffee.
Best video of 2012: Suplex or Serenity Now.
Next skate trip: SF or NYC.
Newest music in your iPod: Cat Stevens.
Favorite skatepark: Saskatoon Lions park.
When you're not skating you're: Working a job.
Am who should be pro: F—k the ams, bring back Tim O'Connor.
Video part you watch before skating: Anything Dill or AVE is good way to blow your ego to bits.

Filmed by Jacob Harris, Cory McNeil, Josh Stewart, Jordan Mayfield. Edited by Jacob Harris