Video Check Out: Nico Hiraga

Age: 17
Home: San Francisco, California
Sponsors: Chocolate, Lakai, FTC skateshop, Royal, Hardies Hardware, Golfwang, Stance, Spitfire, Blackgold Griptape

Video you can't wait to see: LRG video.
Recommended reading: Diary of a Wimpy Kid.
Last country visited: Denmark for the Illegal Civ/Golfwang tour.
When you're not skating, you're: Turning up at the functions with the bros, or watching a movie with my parents.
Last concert: Tyler’s concert in Copenhagen.
First pro you met: Frank Gerwer or Jack Curtin.
Can't live without: My board, a fresh pair of socks, my family, and ramen.
Bad habit: I don’t shower really.

To have the charisma, the original style, on and of the board, is something only few can lay claim to. I could name a couple skaters who’ve come up born and raised in The SFC of those natural traits, but there’s no comparing in skateboarding. And this is about Nico. He’s got it all. Check him the fuck out.—Mike Carroll

Follow Nico on Instagram: @nicotheduffer
Video / @natedeez @skrapetheplate

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