Age: 20
Home: Newport News, Virginia
Sponsors: Foundation Skateboards, Dekline Footwear, Kr3w Denim, Pig Wheels, Cardinal Skateshop, Bro Style Grip

Am who should be pro: Pat Burke.
Rookie of the year: Louie Lopez and Ryan Spencer.
Video of the year: Dekline True Blue.
City for skating: Richmond, Virginia.
Recommended reading: Ripley’s Believe It Or Not.
Fashion don't: I don’t judge nor give a shit.
Inspiration: Grant Forbes, All my friends.
Spend too much money on: Chick Fil A.

Reese is classic, Joe Dirt classic, Forrest Gump classic, out there paying dues while remaining genuine. He’s a rare breed, his youthful outlook and lovable ways are envious. Good vibes, good style, Gnarly skateboarding.—Daniel Lutheran

Follow Reese on Instagram: @yungsalk
Video / Adam Mills, Don Luong, Ryan Lee, Dave Hoang, Ant Travis
Music / Los Craters, Bronco (Facebook)

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