Ryan Pearce
Age: 21
Home: Kansas City, Missouri
Sponsors: Escapist, enjoi (flow), Destructo (flow), DVS (flow), Matix (flow), Bones Bearing (flow), Bones Wheels (flow)

Videography by Ryan Lovell. Additional filming by Doug Gerhardt. Full interview below. For more RP, check out Escapist Skateshop.

Am who should be pro: Tyshuan Johnson should be am and then pro.

Video you can't wait to see: Fallen.

Pro Spotlight you want to see in Transworld: Tony T.

New music: Old Big L.

TV show you can't miss: I miss all of them.

Favorite non-skate mag: That mag Arthur's got in his bathroom, Ducks Unlimited.

Who hooked you up: Dan Askew, Adrian Frost, and Nick Owen.

What about contests? What about them?

Best Yo Mama joke:Tell her to stop calling me.

Last good meal: LC's yesterday.

Favorite person to skate with: Everyone on Escapist.

Nickname: RP, Ryguy, Peezo. Man, I don't know, people call me a lot of sh-t.

At the questionably old age of 21, Ryan Pearce is without a doubt the most talented skateboarder in the Midwest. Growing up in Malto's hometown of Kansas City, RP is the slightly dirtier yet just as talented version of the "mini barge." With the ability to wreck fools on any terrain, RP earned himself the last part in KC's most badass shop's first badass video, Escapist's <i>Fourteen Deep</i>, which basically means he is the sh-t. The end.—Ryan Lovell