Age: 22
Home: Boise, Idaho
Sponsors: Vagrant, Pig Wheels, Brixton, Riding Easy Records, Prestige skateshop

Am who should be pro: Jerry Gurney.
Video you can't wait to see: Vans video.
Recommended follow on Instagram: @bobbylong_dontcare.
Dream sponsor: Sriracha.
Good advice: Get the monkey rollin’.
Bad habit: Pocketing lighters.
Thing to do before you die: Travel.
Next trip: Hopefully has something to do with motorcycles.

Originally from Boise, but currently killing every spot in San Diego with style. It doesn’t take much to make Shea happy, a cup of good coffee and someone to go skate with. He’s one of my favorites to skate with and watch and you guys will all see what I mean.—Chris Gregson

Follow Shea on Instagram: @one_ball_shea

Video / Corriea, Gregson, Kraft, Joose, Nunez Photo / GOULD

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