Video Check Out: Travis Erickson

Sponsors: Santa Cruz Skateboards, Nike SB (flow), Krux Trucks, OJ Wheels, Bottoms Up MFG, Alumni Boardshop
Home: Madison, Wisconsin
Age: 23

Am who should be pro: Evan Smith.

Trick you want to learn: Switch frontside bigspins.

TV show you're hooked on: Shark Tank.

Favorite TransWorld cover: 1998 Photo Annual Issue, Koston backside noseblunt-slide Hubba Hideout.

Video you're waiting for: Static 4.

Good advice: Never give up on your dreams.

Pet peeve: Security guards and outstanding citizens.

Best skater to be stranded on an island with: Justin Strubing.

Travis is finally getting a taste of what hard work and dedication can do. Off his board, he has a great attitude and passion for life. On his board, he has amazing pop, creativity, and a big bag of tricks. Expect good things to come from Travis in the future. —Dave Mayhew

 Edited by Joe Perrin. Music: C-Doc, Digg It!/Followin’ Me Remix. Photo by Chami