Vince Duran
Age: 22
Home: San Francisco, California
Sponsors: World Industries (flow), Ezekiel (flow), Huf (flow), SML. wheels (flow), Filmbot Grip, Liberty Boardshop

First demo you saw: Plastic Park.
Am who should be pro: Billy Roper.
Can't live without: Coffee, Celina, Lou, cigs, camera, and all my homeys.
Favorite city: The Bay Area, we out here.
Bad habit: Cupcaking.
Trick you can do first try: Front crook fakie.
Trick you need to learn: 360 flip.
Last hobby acquired: Capturing the city life with my 35.

Vince Duran, a.k.a. "PlayboyShorts," is most well known for lighting up rooms with his warm smile and PMA. The kid exudes style on and off his skateboard—from being raised by the streets of Anaheim to bombing hills to work in S.F.—Derek Fukuhara