Age: 23
Home: Vista, California
Sponsors: Ramshakle Skateboards, Theeve Trucks, C1RCA, Slappy’s Garage, Lira Clothing, Acid Chemical Co

Am who should be pro: Ray Macken.
First skate video you saw: Dying to Live.
When you're not skating, you're: Riding my motorcycle, camping, fishing, exploring, hanging with my lady and dog, Bowie.
Best style: Jon Goemann.
Best thing about your hometown: The weather and you’re close to the beach, mountains, and desert.
Advice from your team manager: “If I could offer any advice to Waylon ‘handsome boy’ Hendricks, it would be: Go to China, get back on the (hand) rails and stop being so handsome.”—Tinbum
Pet peeve: People being too cool.
Road trip essentials: Friends, skateboard, beers, good music, good times.

Waylon‘s the definition of a true skate rat. He’ll know about a new spot before you do and he’ll skate it before anyone else even knows how to get the pin. During the day he's posted up at Surplus Distribution as an in-house sales rep, so he literally talks skating all day. Then once the shift is over he’ll head to his local San Marcos park and choose to shred all night. Sleep, wake up, and repeat. One thing's for sure, he fucking rips on and off a board and he’s logged enough hours to have a PHD in the skate industry. Looking forward to all the new footage he’s stacking.—Jordan Hoffart

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Music / Yoko Ono, New York Woman
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