Video Check Out: Xavier Walker

Age: 23
Home: Rialto, California
Sponsors: Sk8mafia (flow), JSLV (flow), Osiris (flow), Active Ride Shop

First skate video you saw: Welcome To Hell.
Am who should be pro: Dolan Stearns.
Best thing about your hometown: Family, friends, old Rialto park.
Best style: Wes Kremer.
Road trip essentials: Coffee, phone, laptop, music.
Food spot: Costco pizza, Bagel House.
Good advice received: Never give up!
Pet peeve: Walmart, seat belts.

One of the coolest kids I’ve gotten to grow up and skate with. Xavier’s very motivated to skate and can have fun anywhere. He's great on a skateboard and as a friend. Rialto locs FTW.—Daniel Espinoza

Frontside five-O. Photo: CHAMI

Video by Austin Gardner