Video Check Out: Vincent Milou

Age: 20
Home: Tarnos, France
Sponsors: Willy’s Workshop, Globe, Wasted Paris, Buzzz Skateshop

Am who should be pro: Jamie Foy, Axel Cruysbergh, Tristan Funkhouser.
Best style: Ishod Wair, Michael Pulizzi, Miles Silvas.
Recommended IG follow: @kookslams @skatermemes @speed_dealers.
Most underrated skater: @nassimlachhab from Morocco.
Best warm up spot: PQ Skatepark in San Diego and Capzoo/Labennezoo in France.
Trick you gotta learn: Pop shove-it, nollie heel, nollie backside heel.
Last concert you attended: Ben Harper.
Who hooked you up: Willy Santos and Julien Bechet.

This Frenchman is very focused, positively determined and has a big heart to go full steam on his wooden plank. In between skating around San Diego at the local parks and the raw dog streets, we had some fierce battles playing Table Tennis, Connect Four and Chinese Checkers. Witnessing him in person breaking in new shoes is really ridiculous, just like his skating. This guy has a bright future ahead.—Willy Santos

Photo / @blair.alley

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