Age: 23
Home: Pasadena, California
Sponsors: Mystery Skateboards, adidas, 35th North Skate Shop

New Year’s Resolution: Get out of LA more.
Newest Music in your phone: Leon Bridges and The Solution.
Next Skate Trip: Sacramento or Arizona.
Video of the Year: Real, By Any Means.
Recommended Reading: Honestly, I can’t remember the last book I read.
Trick you need to learn: Tre flips.
Best style: Brian Wenning.
Biggest fear: Airplane crashes and spiders.

Will’s such a solid human being. With a bachelors in fine art and illustration, his talents go so much further than just riding this amazing toy we all love. Will’s one of my favorites to watch in the streets right now. With a great work ethic and a good head on his shoulders, Will’s gonna go far in all walks of his life.—Sierra Fellers 

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Video: @KyleSteneide
Photo: @WillFisherphoto

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