Video Check Out: Zac Gracie

Age: 20
Home: West Palm Beach, Florida
Sponsors: WKND, Huf, Brixton, Venture, Spitfire

Am who should be pro: Trevor Thompson
Best style: Gilbert Crockett ,Jake Johnson, Brad Cromer, Reese Forbes, Dylan Rieder
Video you can’t wait to see: Next GX1000 project.
Recommended reading: Warning labels.
Fashion don’t: Colorful camo pants and wearing 2 different pairs of shoes.
Dream sponsor: AirBnB
First skate video you saw: Mind Field.
First pro you met: Antwuan Dixon.

Zac’s a good kid. He’s younger, but can hang with the older guys. His skating is mature as well. He looks great on a board and his trick selection is well thought out. He recently relocated from south Florida to the LA area and is in good hands with the WKND guys. They grow up so fast.—Brad Cromer


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