Video Check Out: Zane Timpson

Age: 21
Home: San Francisco, California
Sponsors: Westernworld, Bones Wheels, adidas, Dakine, Old Youth, Dutch Bros, McGill’s Skateshop, Porkchop Grip

New Year’s Resolution: More frontsides.
Newest music in your iPhone: Coloring Book, Chance.
Next skate trip: Down south, try and get to Washington St.
Video part you throw on before a session: Ian Barry’s last one or Elijah Akerley, Can’t Kickflip.
2017 will be the year of the: Frontside.
Recommend an IG follow: @noconeleftbehind.
Last trick filmed: Front blunt to noseblunt in a cemetery.
Best style: Pablo Spliff.

He couldn’t care less about being sponsored or making money, he has a Barbie doll named Sheila who is also his girlfriend and he writes poems. He’s got great taste in music and even better taste in trick selection.—Jordan Maxham

Follow Zane on IG: @zanetimpson