VISTULA VISTA is a film featuring the Italian NB Numeric team skating and exploring Warsaw.
The idea of going to Wasraw came up with Lukasz Kolasowski’s entry into the NB Numeric team; he was born in Poland and his family moved to Italy when he was three years old, so NB chose this destination for the spots and also to welcome Lukasz and pay homage to his roots.

Starring: Davide Holzknecht, Massimo Cristofoletti, Lukasz Kolasowski, Guido Zanotto, Raffaele Pola, Marcin Pawuniak and Alessandro Benedetti.

Filming & editing: Nick Richards.

Music: El Goodo “As You Said Your so Longs” (Strangetown Records).
Zefur Wolves ” Accept what you feel” (Strangetown Records).

Photo article featured in a brief glance issue #50: