Volcom, The Irrational Pursuit

What connects a skateboarder and a ballet dancer? Huh? To find the answer, or at least to help guide you in the right direction to the answer, dive deep into the 'True To This' mindset and explore what it means to let go and let the irrational pursuit of your passion take over.

This video features the most diverse compilation of Volcom ambassadors ever assembled in a short film, basically since, well, the inception of the brand. These influential Volcom family members pull back the curtain and get real about that special place they all go to in their head and what it takes to get there. Like Skankie backside noseblunting a huge hubba, or Pfanner talking about his upbringing, or even Provost talking about going back to a spot time and time again just to land one goddam trick!

Explore more ‘this’ at: http://vol.cm/this