Warpaint’s New Videos w/Eldridge, Melcher, Markovich

Justin Eldridge, Patrick Melcher, Kris Markovich, Rob Smith and Victor Zanoni get in on the action with Warpaint‘s two-in-one new music video.
Warpaint presents the first official video from their sophomore LP, Warpaint, released earlier this year.  The "double-feature" is two vignettes for album tracks "Disco//very" and "Keep it Healthy" and finds the band collaborating with director Laban Pheidias.
"Disco//very" is a performance piece featuring the band and Eldridge, set in the sunshine of the Hollywood Hills. Day turns to night as the song transitions to "Keep it Healthy," which finds the  band witnessing a high-intensity night skate session at Griffith Ditch, with all of the skateboarders.