We Are Blood, Official Trailer 2

We Are Blood is a modern day skate epic featuring Paul Rodriguez and other top skateboarders as they travel the globe pushing the limits of what’s possible on a board while celebrating the universal bond created by the simple act of skateboarding. We Are Blood is filmed using state-of-the-art cameras and mixed in the latest Dolby Atmos audio technology to create the most progressive skateboarding film experience to date. Produced by Mountain Dew Green Label Films in association with Brain Farm. Directed by Ty Evans.

Now available on DVD/BluRay, iTunes, Amazon Instant Video, Google Play, MGo (4K), On Demand, VUDU, PlayStation Store, and Xbox Video at weareblood.com/#store

Featuring: Paul Rodriguez, Tiago Lemos, Chase Webb, Clint Walker, Jordan Maxham, Chris Colbourn, Clive Dixon, Jamie Thomas, Moose De Los Reyes, Theotis Beasley, Sean Malto, Boo Johnson, Omar Salazar, Nick Tucker, Torey Pudwill, Shane Oneill, Nyjah Huston, David Loy, Tommy Fynn, Oscar Meza, Manny Santiago, Rodrigo Petersen, Monica Torres, Lui Elliot, Danny Cerezini, Terry Kennedy, Wilton Souza, Keeland Dadd, Justin Schulte, Billy Davenport, Dane Vaughn, Angel Saucedo, Keelan Dadd, Forrest Edwards, Mikey Taylor, Jordan Grace, Daniel Espinoza, Bastien Salabanzi, Peter Ramondetta, Raymond Reyes, Jake Johnson, Mike Patterson, Jack Fardell, Collin Hale, Taylor Jett, Darren Harper, Tony Karr, Carlos Iqui, Tony Tave, Anthony Pappalardo, Jack Olson, Corey Glick, Dave Bachinsky, Billy Davenport, Daryl Angel, Martin Bernal, Enrique Lorenzo, Mikey Taylor, Brewce Martin, Tim Tice, Brandon Martin, Daniel Lebron, Jesus Fernandez, Jose Noro, Jose Roura, Orlando Acosta, Marcelo Formiga, Tyson Bowerbank, Vinicius Santos, Kenny Hoyle, Corey Duffel, Alex Carolino, Taylor Jett, Norman Woods, João Gabriel, Garret Hill, Kaue Costa, Ethan Mayernick, Martin Bernal, Reemo Pearson, Angel Saucedo, Tyson Bowerbank, Auby Taylor, Karim Nassar, Ryan Townley, Berronte Ramirez, Mike Rodriguez, Jordan De Oliveira, Mike Patterson, Tony Tave, Carlos Iqui, Lizard King, Aiden Campbell, Justin Brock, Mike Patterson, Jack Olson, Mikey Taylor, David Lopez, Adam Hribar, Daryl Angel, Brandon Biebel

Shot on location: Brazil, Dubai, Spain, USA

Film partners: Mountain Dew, Brain Farm, XDubai, Zumiez, Grizzly Griptape

Available in 4K Ultra HD on MGo. Coming soon in 4K to Amazon.

Movie tour schedule: weareblood.com/#screenings