Alex Tennison: 2:26
Chris Drysen: 5:53
Christian Holt: 9:34
Friends: 12:49
Justin Drysen: 18:38

(From our Nov-Dec issue)

Starting off as a raunchy meme page, WEFRIED has flourished into a full-length project and successfully unsuccessful business. The man behind the lens of this glorified, spliff-endorsed video is Anthony Matarozza, formally addressed by his WEFRIED WARRIORS as Motz. Motz is the first filmer I've met whose sole preoccupation was to portray skating in its full, unadulterated rawness and criminality, what's left of it at least. Rarely do you find a filmer who is just as committed to the clip as the skater. No situation too hectic, no gimmicks and most importantly, no phoney edits. He works with what he's got, thankfully he's got a lot, close to 15 WEFRIED WARRIORS, with Justin Drysen, Alex Tennison, Chris Drysen and Christian Holt headlining the project. Some of you may be overachievers and already placed yourself on the imaginary waiting list for a hard copy, but for those of us without proper bank account settings, it will soon be available online at —JESUS MEZA

Chris Drysen, gap wallride. Mission Viejo, CA. Photo: Jesus Meza *click to enlarge

Why film VX? Is it some sorta lifestyle?
Shit I guess it is a lifestyle. I've been using a VX since middle school it's the only video camera I know how to use [laughs].

What do you do for money?
I bartend and work in a skate shop.

How did you all fund the video? Gambling?
Yeah, completely funded by gambling. Shooting dice and betting on billiards.

Christian Holt, heelflip. Photo: Jesus Meza *click to enlarge

How did the WEFRIED video come to life? And the lineup?
We were just filming a lot like always and it naturally turned into a project. The lineup is just the homies that I kick it with everyday. Besides Holt because he lives in bum-fuck Corona.

What's a typical day filming for WEFRIED?
The routine is pretty set. Everyone meets at the pad. Spliff, chop, watch videos. Leave the house at 2 with no idea of where we're going. Usually end up in DTLA.

What's up with hard copies? Or are the DVD days dead for you guys?
Definitely having hard copies made. I still buy skate videos. They look way better on DVD.

Justin Drysen, gap backside tailslide. Photo: Jesus Meza *click to enlarge

How much digging did you do for music?
Not really too much digging. Some of it came from records that I have or shit that I heard in someone's car.

Any filmers out there that influence you?
Damn there're a lot but this local dude, Trevor Dymond, I like his filming a lot.

Did you guys go on trips for the video?
Yeah we went to SF, SD, Vegas, Copenhagen I might be forgetting a few, but thanks to all the homies that let us crash on the couch.

So WEFRIED started out as a meme page?
Yeah, it started up as a meme page on Instagram. The home Erik Sheppard and I started it. The name was literally the first thing that popped into my head. Now all the boys have the password.

What's next for WEFRIED and yourself? Are you filming anyone else for future projects?
No plans yet but most likely I'll be filming with the same homies maybe add a few more

How long did you film for this spliff-endorsed video?
We've been filming for a little over a year.

Favorite clip in the video we should look out for?
I'm super stoked on the Europe stuff so probably some of that.

WEFRIED Halloween party round two? Heard last year’s was hectic. Maybe we can get an invite?
Haha yeah, last year was very hectic. I passed out on the toilet with a line of people waiting for the bathroom. The video is gonna premiere right around Halloween so that could be a possibility. Cruise through!

What's up with the successfully unsuccessful business of WEFRIED? Nobody’s buying product?
The product we made actually sold really well we just need to make more [laughs].

I heard Nyjah backs WEFRIED. Wanna let us in on the details?
Hahaha, I don’t know if he backs us but I think he calls his crew the fried boys or some shit. He captioned a photo "wefried" one time and a bunch of people tagged us so I think he knows what's up.


Filmer: Anthony Matarozza @wefried @mata.rozza

Photos: Jesus Meza @jesusmozart

Justin Drysen – @justindrysen
Christian Holt – @_cholt
Chris Drysen – @drysenchris
Alex Tennison – @tnnsn
Matt Barnette – @matt_barnette