Wild In The Parks, Bellevue, Washington

The WITP tour is off and running after a few weekends off. This past Saturday Volcom Stone’s Wild In The Parks tour landed at Bellevue Washington’s outdoor skate plaza with the kids in the Northwest turning up the heat. Check out the full write up with photos.

14 & Under Division:
1st: Alex Lobasyuk
2nd: Keala Cole
3rd: Saunjay Stocker
4th: Jamison Earle
5th: Tristan Moeller
6th: Ivan Glenny
7th: Jack Sowle

15 — 21 Division:
1st: Austin Visintainer
2nd: Tameron Eaglehorse
3rd: Reece Clayson
4th: David Lobasyuk
5th: Quinn Unciano
6th: Greg Dehart
7th: Thomas Bell

Open/AM Division:
1st: Ryan Le Pore – $250
2nd: Ben Campbell – $150
3rd: John Matarazzo – $100
4th: Shylio Sweat
5th: Ben Sauer
6th: Bobby Snowden
7th: Kallen Hittner

Rev’d Skater Award: Jimmy Humphryes- $100