It’s a bizarre situation, but it’s one that’s probably more common overseas than we know. In his home country South Africa, Kanya Spani was a well-known pro, had interviews, covers, sponsors, etc. Then he moved to Germany and, all of a sudden, he was just some local. Watch his new video part above, laugh a bit at the excerpt below from his Solo mag interview, then do yourself a favor and read the entire interview.

Excerpt from Solo mag:

You had the cover of Session mag, interviews, sponsors and then you moved over to Germany and basically had to start all over again. How do you feel about that? Because if you had been from Spain, people would've probably heard about you before.
That was a little kick in the face to be honest. When I first got here, I knew a couple of people, but it was super hard to work my way up from the bottom again. Photographers or filmers were like, "Who the fuck is this guy?" and didn't get back to me till they saw me skate. So I had the skateboarding speak for itself. I have to keep working on it, trying to reach out to people. It was super hard to find people to skate here at first. But now, I've met a bunch of cool people.

Another subject, you like to party, eh?
I knew this would come up. I for sure like to have a good time. I think everyone likes to party.

Some people like to party, some people love to party, and others are born to party.
Can I pick: "I like to party"?

I think you're born to party. How's partying in South Africa?
A lot different for sure. Because here people go out late. I don't really like to party all night. Staying till four is fine, so I can at least still skate the next day. In South Africa, it's wild though since everyone likes to dance. It's way less dancy here, but you still have fun.

You're pretty much a ladies' man. What's your secret to hooking up?
Just talk and be yourself. Tell a couple of jokes and you'll feel if she's into it. If she's not, you move on.

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