YODferd Files | The Opposite Of Devil Island | Ep 8

“Well, ‘The opposite of Devil island’ is just that. If you wanna figure it out. You can. Sometimes or mostly, skating is about having adventures with your friends. And the enjoyment of experiencing shit together. This little moving picture piece is no exception to them rules. Today Transworld is releasing the next episode of the Yodferd files featuring Mark Suciu, Brandon Nguyen, Louie Barletta, and George Rocha from Iris Skateboards. The Yodferd files are a series of outtake shorts from the filming of my #yeoldedestruction film (which you can see the full 57 minute film by clicking here). Still images shot by Jai Tanju. Original song composed by No Age. Script by Sergej Vutuc”—Thomas Campbell


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