This year, the men's lineup saw an interesting mix of VPS tour challengers and select pros, only to be outshined by wildcard contender and winner of the Huntington Beach stop, Zion Wright. Zion is a beast and proved through and through to be the one to beat, attacking the park with his nonchalant, all-terrain style and producing the most diverse runs of the day. In second place, one of the most accomplished park skaters, Pedro Barros was looking to take it all, blasting huge airs at high speed all day, while rising challenger Jagger Eaton unleashed his best landing him a spot in third. This year's men's finals results definitely brought out some unique energy, welcoming new faces to the podium just before the penultimate stop in Malmö this September.

PHOTOS / Anthony Acosta

In the women's finals, Japan's Kisa Nakamura returns to the podium once again, demonstrating full control of her consistent, technical style to win 1st place. Offering impressive runs by VPS Select Pros, the final women's podium featured a strong finish by Jordyn Barratt, rising up from 8th place in the semi's to take 2nd, and Brighton Zeuner, who landed a big 360 over the ski jump and a kickflip on the big bank to put her in 3rd place overall. For complete results of this week's contests and to watch the full replay, visit to re-live the action!