Check out the third episode of the 2014 Zumiez Best Foot Forward Am Contest Series presented by Bones Bearings. In this episode the crew travels through the Southeast and makes stops in Baton Rouge, Gainesville, and the Skatepark of Tampa. Check out all the action as the AYC team joins us on the road with Stevie Williams, Aaron “Jaws” Homoki, Nyjah Huston, and Blake Carpenter. Shop AYC here.

Baton Rouge, LA
1. Christian Dufrene
2. Kolemann Reed
3. Timmy Cazares

Gainesville, FL
1. Chad Poore
2. Kanaan Dern
3. Dalton Dern

Tampa, FL
1. Jamie Foy
2. Zion Wright
3. Jereme Knibbs

Latest results from the events.

The BFF is in Virginia Beach tomorrow at Northside Skatepark with Deathwish & Baker team.

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