The Mayhem Van picks up the Kayo Corp/DGK team and hits up the “Beast” Coast in the 5th installment of Zumiez Best Foot Forward 2014. Stevie Williams, Boo Johnson, Lenny Rivas and the van crew put down some crazy demos and swag tosses for the rowdy crowds. In between stops the van crew does some early celebrating of our Nation’s Independence and hit some street spots and throw down. On the contest front the locals in Washington, D.C., Philadelphia and NYC show how they get down. The winners are as follows:

Washington, D.C.
1.  Miles Willard
2.  Kadian Maxwell
3.  Patrick Praman

Philadelphia, PA
1.  Nick Keys
2.  Maurio McCoy
3.  Joey O’Brien

New York City, NY
1.  Derrick Holmes
2.  Chris Pierre Jaques
3.  Dylan Nieves

The tour will be in the following cities over the next week:

June 5th:  Lousville, KY with Supra Team
June 7th:  Indianapolis, IN with Supra Team
June 10th: Minneapolis, MN
June 12th:  Milwaukee, WI

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