Zumiez Best Foot Forward: Episode 7

The Mayhem Van crew was joined by Chad Muska and the crew from Supra including Lizard King, Sascha Daley, Spencer Hamliton and more in Columbus, Ohio, Louisville, Kentucky and Indianapolis, Indiana. Per usual the crew had run-ins with cops, kooks, and took in all the roadside attractions.

The winners:
Columbus, OH
1.  Justin Henry
2.  John Clemmons
3.  Ryan Saunier

Louisville, KY
1.  Alex Hancock
2.  John Clemmons
3.  Jake Wooten

Indianapolis, IN
1.  Jason Siebert
2.  Kotie Robinson
3.  John Clemmons

The crew will be making stops in Kansas City, MO today (Thursday, June 19) and will be in Oklahoma City, OK on June 21.  There will be a 9 day break before picking back up in Albuquerque, NM on July 1. Look for a stop near you and to learn more at ZumiezBestFootForward.com

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