Zumiez Best Foot Forward Episode 8

The DVS team, including Daewon Song and Torey Pudwill joined the Mayhem Van crew in Minneapolis, Milwaukee and Chicago for Zumiez Best Foot Forward Episode 8 and a slew of contests. The crew hit up the waterpark and a few street spots along the way.

The winners are as follows:

Minneapolis, MN
1. Dylan Wiliams
2. Corey Millett
3. Ricky Nunn

Milwaukee, WI
1. Cole Wayka
2. Joe Milazzo
3. Alex Herman

Chicago, IL
1. Joe Milazzo
2. Scotty Brooke
3. Derek Acosta

The tour returns from a short break on July 1st in Albuquerque, New Mexico, July 3 in Colorado Springs, Colorado, and July 5 in Denver, Colorado.  The Zero and Mystery skate teams will be joining the tour as guest judges and will be doing a special in-store autograph signing in Denver.

Learn more about the tour at ZumiezBestFootForward.com

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